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Olla Podrida – A Dish That Leaves Its Taste for Ages

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If you are visiting Spain, do learn about traditions, customs and ritual of that place also otherwise you wont be more than a normal visitor. There are many traditional things which are waiting for you in different states and cities of Spain, go for it. Among the traditional things, Olla Podrida is a traditional dish which is prepared in a soil pot for many hours.

Olla podrida is a traditional Spanish boiled dish made of beans and pork with different types of vegetables. You can have this traditional dish as your main course as well as a single dish sometime. You can separate the ingredients such as -meat and liquid, and have it according to your choice. If you go to Burgos city in Spain, you can get Olla podrida as their specialty.

Olla Podrida2
Required Ingredients for Olla podrida

Pork meat or other meats
Olive oil
Salt for your different taste

How to prepare Olla podrida?

As it is a traditional dish, there is not any special recipe to prepare it. It is simply boiled in a clay pot over the fire. You can follow these tips to prepare Olla podrida:

1. Cut the meats and vegetables; make small pieces.
2. Put water in a clay pot over the hot oven and bring it in to heat.
3. Add all the vegetables in the clay pot and boil it for a while until it turns in to soft.
4. Remove the vegetables from the boiled water and keep it in another pot,
5. Again boil the meats in the hot water for about 20 minutes until it turns into brown.
6. Now, put the olive oil in a clay pot and heat it. Add the boiled meat and fry it for 7-8 minutes
7.  Add boiled vegetables in the meat and stir it with a spatula for five minutes and spray salt from over for your taste.
8. Remove  the clay pan from the oven and leave it for a while to decrease heat.
9. Now, enjoy your traditional Olla podrida. You can add a bit water for gravy.

This traditional Spanish dish may melt your heart and make your stay memorable which you don’t want to forget willingly.