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Looking for A Different Taste? Try White Pig’s Jamon Serrano’s Slices

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Most of the Spanish restaurants are waiting for you with different passion sharing local hams. Jamon Serrano is a local ham made of white pig’s legs and is a famous ham throughout Spain. Most of the Spanish from the country side make Jamon Serrano as the special dish for visitors.

Spanish people from country side are rolling fresh ham for your hospitality. If you go to visit mountain area in Spain, you will have fun with Jamon Serrano with paper thin slices as your memorable snack. Spanish Jamon is not only famous in Spain, it has left different images throughout the Europe.

You can enjoy Jamon with traditional Spanish tapas and recipes which gives you deep flavor and wonder texture in comparison to other hams. You can find the different qualities of Jamon hams which entirely depends on the foods, stay and types of pigs. You will enjoy the Jamon with the back legs of white pigs which are heavy with good quality.

Jamon Serrano

Required instrument to slice  Jamon Serrano ham

1. Ham knife:
There is different knife to slice the ham with long bade, flexible narrow and very sharp which helps you to make thin slices.

2. Knife sharpener:
Select the knife sharpener which you can use easily, quickly and safely to make your knife sharpen.

3. Ham holder: You have to keep a suitable ham holder to hang the leg and shoulder ham in an appropriate way to slice it.

Make the slices of the meat but you should put out all the skin until you don’t find the meat. You should not make slices of the meat with bone. Cut it into small chunks which you can use for stews and soups. This traditional Spanish ham can be enjoyed with Olive, cheese and bread.

Jamon Serrano is one of the sweetest ham with thin slices just like prosciutto which gives you different experiences and flavors.