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Are You Hungry for Some Tasty Food? Try Gazpacho First

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Are you really looking for some food to kill your hunger in Spain? The cold Spanish vegetable soup  is waiting for you. It is a chunky green salad with different kinds of fresh and uncooked vegetables.
You can try Gazpacho for your first course before your meal in the summer season in Spain. It is raw vegetable soup prepared with tomato juice.
You can get it throughout Spain, Portugal as well as in some parts of Latin America. Basically, it is popular only for summer weather which includes various ingredients such as:
Ingredients for Gazpacho:
Diced Cucumbers
Diced large potatoes, Olive Oil
Red pepper- chopped, salt, pepper,
Green pepper chopped, tomato juice
Red onion-chopped, minced garlic, red wine vinegar
How to make Gazpacho?
1. wash all the vegetable and peel out the tomatoes, garlic and onions in a proper way.
2. Chop all the herbs and vegetables and mix it in a large container.
3. Add soaked bread if you want
4. Mix all the ingredients and make it liquid according to your needs.
5. Put cold water, Vinegar, Olive Oil and required salt for your taste.
6. Add remaining contents of the container to the liquid and mix it slightly for garnish.
Traditionally, Gazpacho were made of vegetables by using a pestle and mortars. You can still see this method in different parts of Spain. You can keep garnish separately while taking Gazpacho which you can add in it according to your needs.