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Cocido Madrilène – A Special Spanish Delicacy

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As you enjoy in the wonderful foods in different cities across Spain, Madrid city offers you typical Spanish dish which is called Stews or Cocidos which means typical main dish of Spain.

Cocido Madrilène

Cocido is a famous dish in central and northern part of Spain which was originated from Madrid in Spain. You can get Cocido with various flavors. It  includes meat, sausage, and garbanzo beans. It takes approximately three and half hours to prepare this dish. This is a winter dish which you can serve as soup and main dishes.
There are different ingredients which you can use to prepare this dish such as:

Required ingredients for Cocido madrilene:

1. ham bone, fresh pig’s foot, cut in half.
2. Beef stew meat, fresh ham meat, chicken, bacon in one piece.
3. Dry garbanzo beans, three pieces carrot, small turnip-cut in half,
4. small yellow onion-chopped in quarters.
5. Peeled potatoes
6. chorizo sausage, Swiss chard or large savoy cabbage
7.  cups angle hair pasta and blood sausages( black pudding).

Basically, there is not any proper recipe to prepare this dish just like other aboriginal dishes. You can prepare it according to Spanish tradition.

Tips to prepare Cocido Madrilence

1. You have to keep garbanzo beans inside the cold water for 12 hours to make it soft.

2. Put the ham bone, pig’s foot, beef, bacon and ham in a large pot with required water. You have to boil it and make it fat less.

3. You can add the garbanzo beans, carrot, half chicken, onion and turnip and boil it for two and half hours. Peel the boil potatoes, make it two and put in to the pot after 2 hours as well as add salt for your taste.

4. Chop the cabbage according to your needs and boil it in another saucepan until it becomes soft.

5. Put the equal quantity of meat and cabbage in a pot and boil it. Finally, mix it together with pasta and serve according to your needs.

Therefore, make your Spain trip meaningful by enjoying the dish Cocido Madrilence. A deep open serving dish  with Cocido is waiting for you, go and enjoy it.