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Want to Enjoy Summers in Spain? Go for Helado de Canela

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Helado de Canela

Your summer trip to Spain may be difficult to move around but there is a Spanish ice cream, Helado de Canela, which is waiting for you with its wonderful flavors. It may be your best friend during your hot Spain trip. This ice cream is made with dairy milk and heavy creams with different ingredients such as:

Ingredients for Helado de Canela

Milk, cream, vanilla bean

Sugar, cinnamon sticks

Ground cinnamon


Color, cold water

Lemon juice

Corn starch

How to prepare ?

If you want to prepare this mouth watering Spanish ice cream, you should follow the following method for a cool and authentic taste.

1. Mix the milk, cream, and other ingredients in a proper way.

2. Boil the cold water according to the instructions in the recipe you refer to and put a bit sugar, color, flavor with cinnamon and boil it for some more time.

3. Make a paste of corn starch with the help of some cold water and mix it in the above ingredients.

4. Add lemon juice according to the requirement.

5. Then, keep the entire mixture in the refrigerator and allow it freeze.

6. Remove it from the refrigerator. Now, you can enjoy this wonderful Spanish dessert.

If you are fond of desserts, you will surely like Helado de Canela which gives you different flavors, tastes and experiences.