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What Do You Prefer in Desserts and Sweets? Select the best

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Spanish desserts really add different taste and experience in your Spain trip. If you are crazy for desserts, you can get unique desserts in different parts of Spain. Most of the Spanish desserts are fruit based with dairy milk.

If you go to the pastry shops on the streets of Spain, you can find various mouth watering sweets and deserts which really attract you. You can get many types of classic as well as traditional desserts with wonder flavor and taste. Here are some popular desserts which you can buy in Spain.

Top five Spanish desserts

Turron1. Turron: If you are looking for the traditional desserts in Spain, Turron really gives you fun. This is a Spanish traditional sweet made of Almond Candy and honey which is basically used for the Christmas treat. You can get it with different texture and flavor.


Mantecados2. Mantecados: You may be the fond of cake, you can enjoy the traditional crumble cake in Spain. If you go to Spain for your Christmas and looking for a Christmas treat, you will get Mantecados, a traditional cookies which are soft. Most of the Spanish enjoy this cookie at the time of Christmas. You can get it in every house as a favorite Christmas treat in Spain.


Polvorones3. Polvorones: As most of the desserts are prepared at the time of Christmas. Polvorones is a traditional Almond dusty cookies which are famous for Christmas. It contains different ingredients such as- white flours, almonds, butter, granulated sugar, cinnamon and so on which takes about 50 minutes to prepare.


Churros4. Churros: If you want to enjoy the late night Spanish desserts, you can go for Churros. This is the favorite spanish dessert which you can take with thick hot chocolate for your breakfast as well as for your late night dessert. This dessert is the combination of different ingredients such as- white flour, baking powder, vegetable oil, granulated sugar or honey. It is made of floor which becomes straight and long. You can cut them into different pieces and add the honey and sugar over it.

Bunuelos de Viento5. Bunuelos de Viento Recipe: It is a light dessert which you can have for snack at afternoon. This typical Spanish desserts are dusted with sugar and lightly fried. Bunuelos de Viento Recipe containts various ingredients such as- flour, baking powder, eggs, sugar, salt, lemon, butter, vegetable oil and so on.


Now, you will be able to kill your hunger of desserts. If you don’t enjoy the Spanish desserts in your trip, you will be the imperfect visitor of Spain because you won’t get the chance to have wonderful experience.

Want to Enjoy Summers in Spain? Go for Helado de Canela

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Helado de Canela

Your summer trip to Spain may be difficult to move around but there is a Spanish ice cream, Helado de Canela, which is waiting for you with its wonderful flavors. It may be your best friend during your hot Spain trip. This ice cream is made with dairy milk and heavy creams with different ingredients such as:

Ingredients for Helado de Canela

Milk, cream, vanilla bean

Sugar, cinnamon sticks

Ground cinnamon


Color, cold water

Lemon juice

Corn starch

How to prepare ?

If you want to prepare this mouth watering Spanish ice cream, you should follow the following method for a cool and authentic taste.

1. Mix the milk, cream, and other ingredients in a proper way.

2. Boil the cold water according to the instructions in the recipe you refer to and put a bit sugar, color, flavor with cinnamon and boil it for some more time.

3. Make a paste of corn starch with the help of some cold water and mix it in the above ingredients.

4. Add lemon juice according to the requirement.

5. Then, keep the entire mixture in the refrigerator and allow it freeze.

6. Remove it from the refrigerator. Now, you can enjoy this wonderful Spanish dessert.

If you are fond of desserts, you will surely like Helado de Canela which gives you different flavors, tastes and experiences.