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Cocido Madrilène – A Special Spanish Delicacy

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As you enjoy in the wonderful foods in different cities across Spain, Madrid city offers you typical Spanish dish which is called Stews or Cocidos which means typical main dish of Spain.

Cocido Madrilène

Cocido is a famous dish in central and northern part of Spain which was originated from Madrid in Spain. You can get Cocido with various flavors. It  includes meat, sausage, and garbanzo beans. It takes approximately three and half hours to prepare this dish. This is a winter dish which you can serve as soup and main dishes.
There are different ingredients which you can use to prepare this dish such as:

Required ingredients for Cocido madrilene:

1. ham bone, fresh pig’s foot, cut in half.
2. Beef stew meat, fresh ham meat, chicken, bacon in one piece.
3. Dry garbanzo beans, three pieces carrot, small turnip-cut in half,
4. small yellow onion-chopped in quarters.
5. Peeled potatoes
6. chorizo sausage, Swiss chard or large savoy cabbage
7.  cups angle hair pasta and blood sausages( black pudding).

Basically, there is not any proper recipe to prepare this dish just like other aboriginal dishes. You can prepare it according to Spanish tradition.

Tips to prepare Cocido Madrilence

1. You have to keep garbanzo beans inside the cold water for 12 hours to make it soft.

2. Put the ham bone, pig’s foot, beef, bacon and ham in a large pot with required water. You have to boil it and make it fat less.

3. You can add the garbanzo beans, carrot, half chicken, onion and turnip and boil it for two and half hours. Peel the boil potatoes, make it two and put in to the pot after 2 hours as well as add salt for your taste.

4. Chop the cabbage according to your needs and boil it in another saucepan until it becomes soft.

5. Put the equal quantity of meat and cabbage in a pot and boil it. Finally, mix it together with pasta and serve according to your needs.

Therefore, make your Spain trip meaningful by enjoying the dish Cocido Madrilence. A deep open serving dish  with Cocido is waiting for you, go and enjoy it.

Are You Hungry for Some Tasty Food? Try Gazpacho First

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Are you really looking for some food to kill your hunger in Spain? The cold Spanish vegetable soup  is waiting for you. It is a chunky green salad with different kinds of fresh and uncooked vegetables.
You can try Gazpacho for your first course before your meal in the summer season in Spain. It is raw vegetable soup prepared with tomato juice.
You can get it throughout Spain, Portugal as well as in some parts of Latin America. Basically, it is popular only for summer weather which includes various ingredients such as:
Ingredients for Gazpacho:
Diced Cucumbers
Diced large potatoes, Olive Oil
Red pepper- chopped, salt, pepper,
Green pepper chopped, tomato juice
Red onion-chopped, minced garlic, red wine vinegar
How to make Gazpacho?
1. wash all the vegetable and peel out the tomatoes, garlic and onions in a proper way.
2. Chop all the herbs and vegetables and mix it in a large container.
3. Add soaked bread if you want
4. Mix all the ingredients and make it liquid according to your needs.
5. Put cold water, Vinegar, Olive Oil and required salt for your taste.
6. Add remaining contents of the container to the liquid and mix it slightly for garnish.
Traditionally, Gazpacho were made of vegetables by using a pestle and mortars. You can still see this method in different parts of Spain. You can keep garnish separately while taking Gazpacho which you can add in it according to your needs.

Marmitako Dish Can Be Your Best Buddy on Tour de Spain

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Spain is waiting for you with various strange dishes with modest origin. Marmitako is one of the strange fish dishes which you can enjoy in the Cantabrian beach. If you go for fishing in the Cantabrian sea, you will see many people with this delicious dish for their breakfast as well as for lunch.

You will find Marmitako as a simple and popular dish which is prepared with onions, potatoes, tomatoes and pimientos. It is the dish for winter season which is completely fatless, you can have it in any time which doesn’t affect your health. It is a nutritious dish with simple ingredients which you can generally take in your long water trip. It will be great with crisp white wine and chilled.

Marmitako Dish

Required Ingredients

White tuna fish

Chopped Potatoes, Small  Onions

Red pepper paste, Green capsicum

Chopped garlic cloves

Black pepper, salt

Slices of bread, Olive oil

Preparation of  Marmitako

1. wash the tuna fish and all the vegetables with clean water and take out the bone and skin of the fish.
2. Put the olive oil in a pot and make it hot with medium flame. Add the onion in the oil and fry it until it becomes soft.
3. Add the sliced tomatoes and the pieces of capsicum on the fried onion and fry it about 10 minutes.
4. Put a bit water from over and cover it until it boils.
5. Spray a little bit salt in the boiled water and add the pieces of boiled potatoes by breaking  it with the hands.
6. Add other ingredients such as garlic, and other vegetables what you want and boil it until it become soft.
7. Add the sliced bread and the pieces of tuna fish in the mixture of vegetables which makes the stew thicker.
8. Season the pieces of tuna fish with peppers and salt and let it cook for 10 minutes until the fish become soft. Now, enjoy your marmitako with different dishes as you want.

You will have a great fun with this traditional seafood in spain with different experiences. Marmitako will keep you fit and fine during your spain trip, you don’t have to worry about your health, your beat doctor is always with you.

Looking for A Different Taste? Try White Pig’s Jamon Serrano’s Slices

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Most of the Spanish restaurants are waiting for you with different passion sharing local hams. Jamon Serrano is a local ham made of white pig’s legs and is a famous ham throughout Spain. Most of the Spanish from the country side make Jamon Serrano as the special dish for visitors.

Spanish people from country side are rolling fresh ham for your hospitality. If you go to visit mountain area in Spain, you will have fun with Jamon Serrano with paper thin slices as your memorable snack. Spanish Jamon is not only famous in Spain, it has left different images throughout the Europe.

You can enjoy Jamon with traditional Spanish tapas and recipes which gives you deep flavor and wonder texture in comparison to other hams. You can find the different qualities of Jamon hams which entirely depends on the foods, stay and types of pigs. You will enjoy the Jamon with the back legs of white pigs which are heavy with good quality.

Jamon Serrano

Required instrument to slice  Jamon Serrano ham

1. Ham knife:
There is different knife to slice the ham with long bade, flexible narrow and very sharp which helps you to make thin slices.

2. Knife sharpener:
Select the knife sharpener which you can use easily, quickly and safely to make your knife sharpen.

3. Ham holder: You have to keep a suitable ham holder to hang the leg and shoulder ham in an appropriate way to slice it.

Make the slices of the meat but you should put out all the skin until you don’t find the meat. You should not make slices of the meat with bone. Cut it into small chunks which you can use for stews and soups. This traditional Spanish ham can be enjoyed with Olive, cheese and bread.

Jamon Serrano is one of the sweetest ham with thin slices just like prosciutto which gives you different experiences and flavors.

A Seafood Junkie, Are You? Taste This Shellfish at Least Once in Your Lifetime

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If you are in Spain, you may see most of the Spanish enjoying with sea foods and fishes. It may be that Spain has been embraced by the ocean from three sides. If you are sea food lover, Spain is waiting for you with Shellfish.


Shellfish is a kind of Spanish sea food which you can find in most of the Spanish tapas bars. It is an impressive dish which you can take for your first course. It is made of different ingredients such as:

Ingredients for Shellfish

1. Dry sherry, lobster tail, olive oil, garlic, ginger, clams in shell, eggs, milk,
2. Dry white wine, scallions, tomatoes, toasted almond, peppers, Onion
3. Saffron threads, crushed vegetable cooking spray and so on.

How to prepare?

1. Boil water in a pot, cut lobster tails into two parts and keep it in to boiled water for a minute.

2. Pull the meat of lobster tails tenderly away but it should not come out from shell.

3. Combine saffron and sherry; set aside. Add bell pepper, ham, onion, garlic by coating a large killet with cooking spray.

4. Put oil in a deep pan and bring it into heat. Add ginger and garlic and cook it in medium heat until garlic become golden but it should not be burnt.

5. Put sherry mixture, almonds, tomatoes, pepper and salt; boil it. Then, add calm, cover, lobster, shrimp and scallops in to a pot and cover it with medium heat until the clam shells open.

6. Mix wine, milk, flour and eggs together and cook it until the sea food becomes pink.

7. Remove the heat pan from the fire after the food becomes pink and keep it in sauce which will seem to be a Chinese egg drop sauce.

8. Add pepper and salt for different taste and have fun with shellfish.

Spain offers  a typical seafood shellfish for your holiday pleasure which you can enjoy throughout Spain. Your seafood’s desire will be boosted by Spanish shellfish.

Olla Podrida – A Dish That Leaves Its Taste for Ages

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If you are visiting Spain, do learn about traditions, customs and ritual of that place also otherwise you wont be more than a normal visitor. There are many traditional things which are waiting for you in different states and cities of Spain, go for it. Among the traditional things, Olla Podrida is a traditional dish which is prepared in a soil pot for many hours.

Olla podrida is a traditional Spanish boiled dish made of beans and pork with different types of vegetables. You can have this traditional dish as your main course as well as a single dish sometime. You can separate the ingredients such as -meat and liquid, and have it according to your choice. If you go to Burgos city in Spain, you can get Olla podrida as their specialty.

Olla Podrida2
Required Ingredients for Olla podrida

Pork meat or other meats
Olive oil
Salt for your different taste

How to prepare Olla podrida?

As it is a traditional dish, there is not any special recipe to prepare it. It is simply boiled in a clay pot over the fire. You can follow these tips to prepare Olla podrida:

1. Cut the meats and vegetables; make small pieces.
2. Put water in a clay pot over the hot oven and bring it in to heat.
3. Add all the vegetables in the clay pot and boil it for a while until it turns in to soft.
4. Remove the vegetables from the boiled water and keep it in another pot,
5. Again boil the meats in the hot water for about 20 minutes until it turns into brown.
6. Now, put the olive oil in a clay pot and heat it. Add the boiled meat and fry it for 7-8 minutes
7.  Add boiled vegetables in the meat and stir it with a spatula for five minutes and spray salt from over for your taste.
8. Remove  the clay pan from the oven and leave it for a while to decrease heat.
9. Now, enjoy your traditional Olla podrida. You can add a bit water for gravy.

This traditional Spanish dish may melt your heart and make your stay memorable which you don’t want to forget willingly.